MySQL 5.6 Certification Now GA!

The MySQL 5.6 certification exams (Developer and DBA) are now GA!  A big thanks to all those who sat for the extended length beta exams – and subsequently waited for several months for your results.  Your feedback and the data collected from many beta testers helped ensure the final exams are high quality. A huge thanks also goes to the MySQL staff at Oracle who produced, edited and verified exam questions, in addition to their normal job responsibilities.  In particular, these exams would have never materialized without a massive investment from the MySQL Support Team – thanks for the great job!

If you missed the reduced-fee beta period, the exams are now available for $245 (USD) each.  While not as inexpensive as the beta exams, this is still a substantial savings from earlier certification offerings, as each certification has collapsed content from two exams (and two fees) into a single exam.  And you’ll get the benefits of a GA test – quick feedback on results and a shorter exam with higher-quality, beta-vetted questions.

The exams are tough – I wasn’t sure whether I would pass (like Dave Stokes, happy to report I did).  The passing percentage for both exams is set at 64%.   If you’re feeling unsure about whether you’re prepared, consider a MySQL Training course to assist you.

Now that I know that I passed both exams, I’ll try to complete the promised study guide blog posts.

2 thoughts on “MySQL 5.6 Certification Now GA!

  1. I have given this exam and it’s really tough . I thought question would cover mostly from community version of MySQL. but I lost confidence when question started appearing from enterprise products like
    MySQL Audit , MySQL Enterprise Backup etc…

    I still think exam pattern should be generic rather than based on Enterprise version or Enterprise utilities provided by Oracle. So, that many MySQL community people will opt for it specially those who are using Percona/MariaDB.

    1. Hi Mahesh,

      I agree the exam is tough. Thanks for highlighting that some questions reference commercial-license MySQL features – that’s not uniformly clear in the exam preparation documentation. I’ll try to highlight that early in my upcoming additions to the Exam Cram series. For those who need more immediate guidance, the following references should be of use:

      That said, I do think it’s important and appropriate for an Oracle certification exam to reference Oracle-produced solutions to problems users face. An Oracle-certified MySQL DBA should know about MySQL Enterprise Backup and MySQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Enterprise Audit and MySQL Enterprise Scalability and MySQL Enterprise Security, and their basic capabilities and configuration. If that DBA (or company) decides to use alternate means to solve these problems as a consequence of a cost/benefit analysis, that’s OK. If they choose to use an alternative means (or just ignore or build around their need) because the DBA isn’t aware of Oracle’s commercial solutions, that’s a problem (if they are an Oracle-certified DBA).

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