New MySQL Online Training

Oracle University recently unveiled a new online training offering – the MySQL Learning Subscription.  The combination of freely-accessible and compelling paid content makes this an exciting development to me, and should prove valuable to the community and customer base alike.  This post will briefly explore this new MySQL educational resource.


The subscription content is organized into topical “channels”.  Current top-level channels are:

  • Getting Started
  • Development
  • Administration
  • Security

These channels have sub-channels as well – for example, the Getting Started channel includes Getting Started With MySQL New Features and MySQL For Beginners, which have 13 and 1 video associated with them, respectively.  Content is video, and ranges from 5 minutes to over an hour in duration.  Unlike traditional multi-day courses, this new delivery mechanism allows users to choose targeted, topical content which can be consumed as part of a daily job.  Training can be skipped, paused, fast-forwarded, or re-winded as needed to solve specific problems, develop specific skills, or answer specific questions.

Free content

There’s an extensive collection of free content made available to users who have created a free Oracle web account.  Previewing the subscription gives access to both full-length videos as well as short previews of content reserved for paid subscribers.  A number of the free videos are recordings of Oracle Open World 2015 sessions – great for community members unable to attend the live event.  That alone provides community users with free access to hours of useful MySQL content.

There’s some really great content here, including presenters such as Geir Hoydalsvik (MySQL Server Engineering Senior Director @ Oracle), Sunny Bains (lead for InnoDB development), Mark Leith (creator of SYS schema and PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA guru), Luis Soares (MySQL replication development lead) and a number of other Oracle experts.

Paid content

There’s good reason to look beyond the free content – the paid subscription includes recordings of a number of MySQL training courses.  This includes the MySQL For Database Administrators, MySQL Performance Tuning and MySQL For Developers courses.  The cost of each of those courses is roughly equivalent to the cost of a year-long learning subscription.  Subscribers will also find a number of additional videos aimed at helping MySQL users address specific needs, and the focused, topical content ensures users can consume it at a pace and focus meeting their needs.


Check out the new learning subscription – you’re likely to find valuable information in both the free and paid components of this offering.

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