Not-so-light reading: 5.6.11 changelog

Looking for some substantial reading material as the days grow longer?  You might consider dedicating a good chunk of time to review the MySQL 5.6.11 changelog.  The MySQL Engineering team at Oracle has been busy, and it shows in this maintenance release.  Stewart Smith recently noted the growth of the code base in 5.6 compared to 5.5.  That may or may not be the best measure of productivity, but the number of fixed bugs in a maintenance release like 5.6.11 is sure a good indicator.  A few general observations based on my quick study:

  • 201 individual notes in the changelog
  • 198 referenced bug reports (total, not de-duplicated)
  • 61 bugs from community bugs system
  • The oldest bug fixed was 39307 (September 2008, cleaning up lingering issues from the early Sun days)
  • 45,472 characters and 6,863 words

MySQL 5.6.11 is available for download now, as always, available both on (for Community) and My Oracle Support (for Enterprise).

Just for fun, I thought I would see how many of Valeriy’s list of 17 famous bug reporters can be found in the community bugs fixed by this one release.  I ignored private/security bugs entirely, and focused primarily on bugs reported by these individuals, although I’ve also counted comments on bugs reported by others as involvement in some cases.  Here’s who we find (with Valeriy’s ranking in parentheses):

  • Shane Bester (#1) – Shane is found at the top of most lists of prominent MySQL bug reporters, and this is no exception.  In addition to reporting bugs 39307, 60305, 58731 and 68035, this MySQL Support superstar verified and commented on countless others.
  • Mark Callaghan (#3) – Mark reported bug 59860 and commented on 68386.
  • Peter Laursen (#5) – No reported bugs, but commented on several including 59860, 68135
  • Elena Stepanova (#6) – A former Oracle employee, Elena beat Shane in number of reported bugs fixed in this release.  She contributed bugs 44100, 68040, 68194, 68472, 68135.  Like Shane, she also commented in a number of other bug reports.
  • Guiseppe Maxia (#7) – He’s represented in 5.6.11 with bug 68038
  • Davi Arnaut (#9) – Reported bug 68051
  • Hartmut Holzgraefe (#10) – Hartmut’s contributions here include bug 68118
  • Baron Schwartz (#11) – No reported bugs fixed in 5.6.11, although he did comment in 59860 as well.
  • Jeremy Cole (#14) – No reported bugs fixed in 5.6.11, but he did have an interest in 67929.
  • Domas Mituzas (#16) – Reported bug 68069

So of the 17 bug reporters Valeriy identified, more than 50% of them (10) have some connection to at least one of the many bugs fixed in 5.6.11. Of course, there were other bugs fixed, including 67352, reported by Valeriy himself.  And I’m partial to bug 68061.  🙂

Awesome work by the MySQL community and the Oracle Engineering and Bugs verification teams – and especially to the Docs team at Oracle for their incredible work capturing all this great work into a changelog.

2 thoughts on “Not-so-light reading: 5.6.11 changelog

  1. Just for clarification, Elena Stepanova (which happens to be me) is not a *current* Oracle employee, but a *former* Oracle employee now working for MariaDB, and it’s been quite a while. At least al my 6xxxx bugs are definitely from MariaDB times, as Oracle employees switched to the internal bug system when it was still 59xxx (well, maybe some 60xxx squeezed in).

    And to make it fair, it also means that there must be many more bugs by Shane in there, they are just anonymous due to the nature of Oracle bug system.

    1. Hello Elena! Thanks for the correction – sorry for the error. Your continued contributions just makes it seem like you never left – thanks for that.

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